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Alp Medical Dental has the expertise in all areas of dentistry

At Alp Medical Dental, we pride ourselves on our expertise in all areas of dentistry. Our main focus is offering pain-free, safe and effective dental treatments for all of the patients walking through our doors. To make the journey for our patients as smooth as possible, we provide co-ordinators and staff members fluent in English. From the beginning of your treatment, you will have one UK co-ordinator assigned to you to ensure continuity of care.

We appreciate that visiting the dentist can cause anxiety in a lot of patients and we will make sure that at each step of the way, you are comfortable and confident with everything that is happening.

Our clinic offers experts in specific areas of dentistry and they specialise in the following fields:

  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Gum disease
  • Complex root canal treatment

We understand that travelling for dental treatment abroad can be a daunting experience and we strive to make your treatment as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact one of our friendly UK co-ordinators today for advice and to ask any questions you may have. Our advisors are on hand 7 days a week to provide you with the best possible care.

Reasons to choose Alp Medical Dental

Established, leading provider

Alp Medical Dental has been one of the leading providers for private dentistry in Turkey for over 20 years. With this wealth of experience, we offer safe, effective and affordable dental treatment for our patients.

UK advisors always at hand

We understand the importance of feeling confident when you smile, and nothing gives us more pride than giving our patients the gift of a dazzling smile. With this in mind, our main aim is to ensure that you leave our clinic happy and satisfied.

Painless Dentistry

Alp Medical Dental specialises in “painfree dentistry” made available with using the latest technology. Our practitioners are highly trained in the use of the latest techniques in order to provide our patients with painless, dental procedures.

Personalised Care

Personalised, painless treatment is our unique area of speciality. No two patients are the same, just like no two sets of teeth are the same. Personalised care indicates that each case is assessed in its own merit carefully and the plan of treatment is therefore highly personalised to you and your needs. We listen to our patients and will always prioritise your aspirations for your teeth. We will always advise you on what we think would look best but will discuss this with you during your consultation and ensure that you are happy with the plan of treatment we put together. An individual costed treatment plan will be provided and as there is a no “one-size fits all” mentality, we will over you a tailored package price if you wish to include your accommodation and airport transfers in the price quoted.

Hassle-free Travel

Our UK co-ordinators will assist you on your journey to gaining a confident smile. They will ensure your treatment, accommodation and VIP transfers to and from the airport are booked in advance and they will stay in touch with you before, during and after your travel. We offer accommodation tailored to your needs, so you can get the most out of your trip. A beach hotel in Antalya? No problem. A stay in the culturally rich Old Town? Of course.our treatment, accommodation and VIP transfers to and from the airport are booked in advance and they will stay in touch with you before, during and after your travel. We offer accommodation tailored to your needs, so you can get the most out of your trip. A beach hotel in Antalya? No problem. A stay in the culturally rich Old Town? Of course.

Highly specialised treatments

We want to make sure that the treatment we offer you is the best. How do we keep our standards high? With continuous quality control, ISO accreditation and an annual appraisal of our network ensuring the highest quality of care at the point of delivery. In our network, we only have highly experienced, trusted dentists, hygienists and dental nurses. This ensures that our patients will receive the safest dental care available.


When it comes to dental implants, the range that is available is one of the most important parts of the whole process. Fabulous looking implants may not be as costly as you might have imagined and attaining the “perfect” smile is within easy reach. Alp Medical Dental provides a wide range of affordable implant solutions, from single implants to a full-mouth replacement.

Available for all

We offer advanced dental care at almost 20 select practices across Turkey, focusing on Antalya – known as the “Turkish Riviera”. There are payment options available too – please get in touch with one of our friendly UK co-ordinators to find out more.


We are so proud of the many smile transformations we have performed over the years. From replacing a missing tooth, teeth whitening to complete smile makeovers.


As each of our patients has different needs and there is no one-size-fits-all approach at our clinics, all of our quotes are bespoke and based on your individual needs. Please fill out the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you within 36 hours to provide a quotation and book you in for a consultation.

* Please provide a brief description of what you are looking for so that we can facilitate your request more quickly.


At Alp Medical Dental, we want to be with you at every step of your journey to attaining the perfect smile. To achieve this, we will try our best to make your trip as smooth as possible. Included in the price that we offer to our patients is the following:

  • VIP transfers to and from the airport
  • Transfers to and from the hotel to the clinic

We can also, on request, offer packages that include hotel accommodation. We provide various tiers for your travel to Turkey to fit your individual budget. Whether you are planning to travel solo or have a family trip in mind, we can tailor the hotel offered to match your individual requirements. The tiers that we offer are as follows:

  • Silver: a stay in a 3-star hotel either located by the sea or in the Old Town of Antalya. We will take your holiday preferences into account when recommending hotels. We can also send you a copy of our handy travel information leaflet, which contains details on how to get around the city, things to do and information on regular events that may be of interest to you. Along with getting your teeth done, we want you to enjoy all that Antalya has to offer as the Pearl of the Mediterranean.
  • Gold: a stay in a 4-star hotel on a half board basis. Again, we will tailor the location based on what you are specifically looking for.
  • Platinum: a stay in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel. We will take into mind all the requests you have for the hotel and if you wish to have a specific room, we will book this for you with the hotel.

Please note that we do not book flights, but we can help you find them online if this is an area that you are not confident with.

If you have any questions about travel or accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisors.


We love receiving feedback from our satisfied patients. Please take a read through some of the wonderful testimonials we have received over the years.

Contact your Alp Medical Medical Travel co-ordinator and find out more about information